RC Culinary Lab is an innovation and training center focused on learning, collaboration, exploration, idea, and product development. The lab offers a range of products and services, from consulting, training, and product development.

The RC Culinary Lab is state of the art production kitchen, offering a full menu of ready to eat or value added ingredients that are ready to finish and serve. We place an emphasis on local seasonal products, and all of our products are cooked on site and made from scratch. Our products are great for local wineries, where kitchen production may be limiting, or for anyone looking for premium recipes prepared by scratch by our culinary team.

All products are prepared for fast, safe, and temperature controlled food delivery and storage. 

Award Winning Culinary Team

Rich Rosendale 
A master chef, and one of the most experienced competitive chefs in the country, Rich Rosendale is continually setting new standards for excellence. When he’s not working with his restaurant, Roots 657 Café and Local Market, he’s growing the Rosendale Collective.

This innovative consulting and training company brings over 20 years of elite industry know-how to create customized culinary workshops and winning business solutions for a wide range of clients— from fortune 500 companies to the U.S. military.

Rich has long been involved with Bocuse d’Or competitions, one of the world's most demanding culinary competitions held every two years in Lyon, France. In 2013, as the U.S. Culinary Team Captain, and in 2017, as one of four advisors guiding the winning team to its first U.S. gold medal. He shared his intense training regime in his documentary, “The Contender.”

Rich brought his expertise to national television as the star of the Emmy-nominated show, Recipe Rehab.