1 lb Creekstone Farms Premium Dry Aged Bone in Steak, with Rich's Steak Seasoning Blend

1 lb Creekstone Farms Premium Dry Aged Bone in Steak, with Rich's Steak Seasoning Blend

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Unparalleled Aging Technique: Our steaks are meticulously aged using state-of-the-art Smart Ager technology. This advanced dry aging cabinet boasts precision-controlled temperature and humidity levels, ensuring the beef matures perfectly to unlock its utmost potential.

Enhanced Safety & Flavor with UV Lights: The integration of UV lights not only guarantees the highest level of safety by eliminating potential harmful microorganisms but also contributes to developing a deeper and more complex flavor profile.

Expert Oversight by Chef Rosendale's Culinary Team: Every steak is a testament to culinary artistry, as it's overseen by the esteemed Chef Rosendale's Culinary Team. Their expertise ensures each cut achieves the pinnacle of tenderness, flavor, and quality.

Enzymatic Perfection: The dry aging process naturally breaks down enzymes in the beef, resulting in a protein structure that delivers an incredibly tender bite and a flavor profile that's truly in a class of its own.

A Feast for the Grill: Whether it's a special occasion or a testament to your culinary prowess, our Dry Aged Delmonico Steak is the pièce de résistance for any grilling endeavor.

Craftsmanship Meets Premium Quality: Dive into an epicurean delight that seamlessly marries top-tier quality with artisanal craftsmanship. Every bite promises a symphony of flavors – a sensory experience that lingers.

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