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Roots Beef Tallow Soap

Roots Beef Tallow Soap

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1 case - 16 Bars

In keeping with the tradition of Roots sustainability and natural ingredients, our all-natural tallow soap preserves skin moisture with no artificial ingredients!

The soap promotes a healthy glow to the skin and inner confidence that the product is carcinogenic-free. Every bar is handcrafted in Leesburg, VA. The main ingredient in soap production is beef tallow obtained from the Brisket trim from Roots 657.

Ingredients & Benefits:

- Moisturizing ability

- Cleanse, soother, and heal skin

Castor Oil
- A natural moisturizer
- Promotes wound healing
- Impressive anti-inflammatory effects
- Reduces acne
- Fights fungus
- Keeps your hair and scalp healthy

- Treats oily skin
- Reduces pore size
- Makes skin tighter and firmer
- Suits every skin type
- Prevents premature aging
- Clears skin blemishes

Peppermint Oil
- Works as an antiseptic
- Skin cleansing
- Soothes irritations and inflammations